Hot dogs are some of the greatest culinary mysteries. How can they be a simple food staple, yet turn into such delectable dishes?! Perhaps it is their ability to accommodate a wide variety of toppings. Or maybe it is the vast cooking styles used to bring these mouth-watering delights to existence.

No matter what it is that makes them great, we are determined to expose every aspect of their existence!

What You’ll Find Here

Stick with us. We’ll unearth the most interesting, obscure, necessary information about hot dogs. Here, you’ll find things like:

  • Best hot dog toppings
  • Favorite cooking styles
  • Most essential hot dog accessories and cooking tools
  • Best side dishes to accommodate the hot dog
  • Most unique types of hot dogs
  • Ideal situations to serve hot dogs
  • And so much more!

In addition to discussing our favorite food item, we’ll also stray into other culinary topics on occasion. Hot dogs are great, but they aren’t the only thing we eat!

We might even bring you a geography lesson or two (do you know where the hot dog was born?). Learning how the hot dog originally fit into the native’s diet is fascinating!

Basically, if it is about hot dogs, grilling, food, or other similarly random topics, you’ll find it here.

A true West Virginia hot dog is a heavenly creation that begins with a wiener on a bun. Add mustard, a chili-like sauce and top it off with coleslaw and chopped onions and you have a symphony of taste that quite possibly is the reason that many transplanted West Virginians can never really be happy living anywhere else. Different parts of West Virginia have variations on the theme but the common elements are sweet, creamy coleslaw and chili. Anything else is just not a true West Virginia hot dog!

This site is dedicated to honoring and expanding awareness of this culinary delight and providing a home where fans of the West Virginia Hot Dog can find reviews of their favorite restaurants (aka Hot Dog Joints) in and around West Virginia.