hotyummAll About Us

With the invention of the internet, everyone can be an expert at something. If you want to know it, there is a website that will tell you about it.

But that’s not how we roll.

The DIY Hot Dog Experts

The internet isn’t how we came about our extremely specific and somewhat random expertise. We didn’t read blogs about hot dogs. We didn’t join online communities to connect with other hot dog lovers.

No, we went out and gather the information ourselves. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

We’ve dedicated hours to the preparation and consumption of hot dogs. We are self-taught experts on everything related to the dish – how to cook it, how to top it, and how to share the excellence with others.

The Most Eclectic Group of Blog Writers Ever

Our writers share information based on their expertise. Some are nutritional experts. Others are grill masters. Tailgating aficionados will pick up the pen on occasion. International food lovers will sound off on their favorite local interpretation of the hot dog.

Basically, we’re interested in providing the most obscure information possible, yet thoroughly cover the topic of hot dogs.

Are You Passionate Too?

We are always willing to cover a new and different angle of the hot dog’s amazingness. If there is something you want to know, tell us. We’d love to talk about topics that are of interest to our readers.

We’re glad you are here. It makes us feel less geeky about our passion if there are others who join us in this madness.