Tailgating is a thoroughly American phenomenon and hot dogs are ubiquitous at practically every tailgating event. In today’s post, we’ll focus on the impressive growth in the art of tailgating.


Though tailgating is typically associated with sports like soccer, baseball, football, and the like, the tailgating craze is catching fire in other arenas, so to speak.


NASCAR Tailgating

Though tailgating before NASCAR events is not necessarily new, the lengths to which fans are starting to go to have the ultimate tailgating experience are impressive. Long-time fans, sponsors, and first-timers alike are amazed by the art of tailgating that is evolving at NASCAR events.


Chargebacks911, a risk mitigation and chargeback resolution company, recently sponsored the #94 Chevrolet Silverado team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The company supported driver Travis Kvapil at Daytona International Speedway on Friday, February 20th.


The company’s co-founder and COO regularly shares her thoughts on women in leadership, fraud prevention, and chargeback resolution. Monica Eaton-Cardone has gained quite the following in her industry’s niche, providing contributions to Law Journal Newsletters and other reputable online publications.


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Today, we share some observations from Chargebacks911 employees that they made while attending the NextEra Energy Resources 250 and cheering the company-sponsored NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver.


NASCAR Rookies

For all but one of the employees, this was the first time most had attended a NASCAR event. The lengths to which fans went to have the ultimate tailgating experience was almost as impressive as the speed of the racecars, one employee commented. The team carpooled to Daytona from Clearwater. By the time they arrived, it was midday. The one NASCAR veteran in the group had family who arrived at 7 a.m. to set up, so when the folks of Chargebacks911 arrived, the tailgate was already in full swing.


The NASCAR rookies quickly learned one of the first rules of NASCAR tailgating is that you can never be over-prepared. Case in point: one neighbor even brought a Weed Wacker to cut down the grass around his site. Grills and coolers are present at every site, and canopies are now the latest craze so that tailgaters can stay cool during the all-day (and sometimes multi-day) affair.


Lesson number two is that keeping energy levels up is a constant affair. Tailgaters have quite the buffet that they offer to their friends, family, and even unknown passerby. The staple hot dogs and burgers were everywhere, but some seasoned veterans decided to opt for shrimp, chicken wings, pork loins, and even steak. One employee observed that if you didn’t know you were at a tailgate, you could almost believe that you were at a barbecue cook-off!


Since tailgaters will arrive on the site long before the first roar of NASCAR engines can be heard, they find ways to entertain themselves. Cornhole is a perennial favorite, especially since it can be played with an icy cold beverage in one hand. Most of the folks at Chargebacks911 have played cornhole at gatherings with friends before, and with cornhole the rookies learned yet another NASCAR tailgating lesson: your neighbors are just the best friends you haven’t met yet.


Thankfully it didn’t rain on the team and their newfound friends, but seasoned tailgaters are prepared for all kinds of weather. Tarps and bungee cords are quickly erected to provide shade and shelter from blowing dust or rain, and every tailgater knows to bring extra ponchos for their group and other people who might happen to forget.


When the races finally started, the Chargebacks911 employees felt that they had already had quite a full day. But when the roar of the engines finally swept across the parking lot, a roar went up from the fans both in lot and in the stadium. As the sun started to set, the employees made their way into the grandstand and cheered on #94, the company-sponsored car.


Although #94 didn’t place in the races, the folks at Chargebacks911 had a great time learning the ropes of NASCAR tailgating and cheering on a car sporting their logo. When asked if they would do it again, the team responded with a resounding yes.


Many thanks to the employees of Chargebacks911 for sharing their experience with us!