Hot dogs are an American tradition, so it is no wonder that many prominent magazines give a nod to this culinary institution. We reached out to our friends at Priority One Clearing Services – a company dedicated to managing magazine subscriptions – for a list of magazine articles that feature all things hot dog related.

Since Priority One Clearing is a giant subscription clearinghouse, they are experts when it comes to navigating printing reading material. We appreciate the variety of articles Priority One Magazines found for us, and we hope to draw on their expertise in the future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy their insights!

Travel + Leisure

A recent article in Travel + Leisure gives readers a “frank guide” to finding the best frankfurters in America. This article covers noteworthy hot dogs found across the nation, so whether you are traveling or doing a stay-cation, chances are there is a hot dog in this list that’s near you.

Food & Wine

Food & Wine created an excellent slideshow in homage to their list of the best hot dogs in the U.S. This list is comprehensive and features spectacular images of all the hot dogs along with a thorough description of each dog’s origin and suggested pairings. If you weren’t hungry before checking out this slideshow, you will be by the time you’re done.

Woman’s Day

Yet another hot dog slideshow comes to us courtesy of Woman’s Dayalthough this article features recipes to dress up hot dogs at home instead of restaurants to visit. The pictures are great and the recipes are straightforward and regionally-inspired.


For this article, Alan Richman, GQ magazine’s professional food correspondent, was on a quest to find the best store-bought hot dogs for an at-home barbeque. The result of his efforts is a playfully written story and an interactive slideshow that counts down the ten best store-bought hot dogs. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a tip from the pros and try them all!

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Though you may think of dieting when you think of Rachael Ray, her magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray is full of great food-related ideas that will leave you feeling inspired. In this article, three tasters hired from the blog are sent on a road trip to sample hot dogs in over 56 cities. Their rankings are listed in a bracket and include 64 different dogs.

Fast Company

Fast Company caters to innovative leaders, and this article focuses on the founders of a new hot dog company called Dog Haus. Instead of focusing on hot dogs themselves, this article provides insight into the philosophy behind founding and running a hot dog company.

Many thanks to Priority One Clearing Services for bringing us this thorough and comprehensive list. Do you know of any other magazines Priority One Clearing missed that feature the great American hot dog? Let us know!