Ketchup. Mustard. Relish. If you are trying to get creative with your hot dog then these toppings are Boring with a capital “B.” Instead of reaching for the classics the next time you make a hot dog, why not try one or more of these unexpected toppings? You will jazz up your classic dog and give your taste buds something to talk about!

1. Bacon

Everything is better with bacon, and this holds true for hot dogs. Bacon is a common topping in Tucson, Arizona and neighboring Sonora, Mexico. Sonoran-style dogs may add tomato, cilantro, and avocado to complement the crispy deliciousness of the bacon.

2. Steak

Meat on meat on meat… What could be better? You can make your hot dog Philly cheesesteak-style by adding slivers of steak, grilled pepper, and some oozy nacho-style cheese.

3. Chili

Adding chili to a hot dog kind of makes it like a sloppy joe except you have the added benefit of having a hot dog too. Add some shredded cheddar to your chili dog and prepare to bite in to some finger-licking awesomeness.

4. Corn

Step away from the meaty toppings and take a moment to consider the variety of fruits and vegetables you can add to your hot dog. Corn is a good place to start because an ear of corn and hot dogs already go well together. However, what if you added some corn kernels to your hot dog? Pair it with some parsley and sweet mayonnaise and you are on your way to having something yummy in your tummy.

5. Pineapple

Nothing says tropical quite like pineapple, though number six on this list might disagree. For now, follow the example set by Hawaiian pizza and add some grilled pineapple to your dog! Grilled onion, bacon, and a grass skirt are optional additions.

6. Mango

Now that we are in a tropical mood, it is hard to leave mango out. Mango salsa is easy to make and oh so delicious. Even better is that if you put enough of it on your hot dog it counts as a serving of fruits and vegetables.

7. Sauerkraut

Even if it isn’t Oktoberfest you can still let out your inner German side and dress up your dog with some sauerkraut. The smell may not be great but the taste is amazing!

8. Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Nothing says comfort food quite like some hearty mac’n’cheese. If you want to take that comfort to the next level, then slather a few spoonfuls of the ooey, cheesey goodness all over your dog and prepare to savor.

That’s the list for now. If you have any other crafty hot dog pairing ideas then let us know!